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Gaia Biological Park
Parque Biológico de Gaia

Environmental Education Centre and a Small Nature Reserve in Urban Surroundings.

Located in Avintes, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal. GPS: 41º 05' 48.50"N - 8º 33' 21.34"W.
Open every day. April-September: 10:00/19:00; October-March: 10:00/17:00. Entry fee to be paid. Tickets will only be sold until 30 minutes before the  indicated closing time.

The park opened to the Public in March 1983. In its extensive 35 hectares, we can see woodland, farms with their typical rural houses, granaries and barns. The river Febros runs through the Park. It turns windmills, supplies water to aquatic animals, some of which are wild and others are in captivity (because they are too injured to be released and would not survive in the wild), and many varieties of trees and plants.
These are some of the fascinating images that will remain imprinted in the memory of those who explore the three kilometre-long pathways in the Park. 
The Park also has a Restaurant, a Hostel, an Auditorium, Permanent Exhibitions, a Library and many other services. 




Other services

Park Hostel
You may spend the night at the Biological Park, Gaia. Book now!
You will enjoy spending the night experiencing nature, with full hospitality facilities available in the self-service restaurant.

Centre for Rehabilitation of Wild Animals
Under the protocol signed jointly with the Institute of Nature and Biodiversity Conservation and the General Directorate of Veterinaries, the Biological Park supports the collection and rehabilitation of protected species of animals and plants.

Anniversary Parties
Celebrate your children’s Anniversaries and other “Special occasions” at the Biological Park of Gaia, “Home of the Enchanted Forest”. Our Business Associates, STUDIOLO EVENTS are responsible for animation and snacks.

The Park Library has a project called, "The Roots of the Natural History of Portugal". It is made up of both current and antique works, which rebuild an understanding of the rich value of Portuguese Natural History heritage.

Magazine "Parks and Wildlife" (Parques e Vida Selvagem)
Each season of the year, this magazine offers its readers pages with various sections that focus on environmental education and nature conservation.

Direct Line | 227 878 138 – Fax | 227 833 583


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- Reserva Natural Local do Estuário do Douro
The Nature Reserve of the River Douro Estuary

Located in Canidelo, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal.
Open every day. April-September: 10:00/18:30; October-March: 9:30/17:00. Free access.

Through a project submitted by the Biological Park of Gaia, the administration of Douro and Leixões Port and the Municipality of Vila Nova de Gaia signed a protocol, in December 2007.
The principal objective of this refuge is for the protection of birds and the land. During the annual seasonal cycles in the estuary of the river Douro, you will find Kingfishers, flocks of Cormorant, Grey Herons, White Herons, Squacco Herons, Common Sandpipers, Ruddy Turnstones, Knots, Bluethroats and a variety of Gulls.

San Paio Bay is chosen as a special place for bird-watchers and nature photographers. Download the flyer!


- Parque de Dunas da Aguda
The Aguda Dunes Park

Small Nature Reserve for the Protection of Dunes and their Fauna and Flora.
Located in Arcozelo, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal.
Open every day. April-September: 10:00/18:30; October-March: 9:30/17:30. Free access.

The Park of Dunes of Aguda opened to the public in January 1997. Approximately three hectares in area, the Dunes are under the scope of a LIFE (EU) project.
It is also a "Botanical Garden" and illustrates perfectly how nature recovers, if mankind gives it an opportunity. From seemingly barren sands, a spontaneous flower garden is now blooming where environmental Education lessons, “blossom”.
Among dozens of species, there are two plants that exist only on the Douro Coast: Mustard of Dunes (Coyncia Johnstonii) and Dune Jasione (Jasione lusitanica). Every year, Kentish Plovers discretely build their nests among the vegetation.

Download the flyer!


Kentish Plover Mustard of Dunes The Aguda Dunes Park Birdwatching    


- Parque da Lavandeira
Lavandeira Park

Recreation and Leisure Urban Park 
Located in Oliveira do Douro, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal.
Open every day. April-September: 7:00/21:00; October-March: 7:00/18:00. Free access.

Primarily destined for recreation and leisure, this Park was opened to the Public in August 2005 and is a result of an acquisition by the Municipality of the former Lavandeira Farm. The Park covers eleven hectares and is situated very close to the centre of Gaia.
Advantage was taken of the pre-existing vegetation. A maze was planted and a lake was built.
In the Park of Lavandeira, there is a Cafeteria, organized Handicraft Fairs and vegetable sales. There are activities such as Yoga and Taichi, among many other initiatives.



- Parque Botânico do Castelo
Castle Botanical Park, Crestuma

Recreation and Leisure Urban Park 

Located in Crestuma, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal.
Open every day. April-September: 11:00/19:00; October-March: 9:00/17:00. Free access.

In this Park, situated near the River Douro, the plants are a very interesting subject for the visitors. Mediterranean vegetation has taken the place of the natural agriculture that survived here until the last century.

The Park was opened to the public in September of 2009 and it is situated 20 minutes by car from the centre of Gaia. The Park was created as a result of an acquisition by the Municipality of an abandoned old farm.

This is also an interesting place for Archaeological studies. Researchers have recently found evidence of Roman occupation.

Castle Botanical Park Open every day Evidence of Roman occupation Archaeological studies    



- Centro Interpretativo do Património da Afurada 
Interpretive Heritage Centre of Afurada

Afurada is a place where deep historical roots intersect and whose marks and manifestations are still present, leaving traces in the imagination and identification of the people, and their traditional ways of life, which are linked to the Douro River and fishing, creating one of its most emblematic manifestations; the extremely popular Feast of St. Peter's of Afurada.
This Interpretive Centre of the Natural and Cultural Heritage of Afurada and the Douro Estuary, which is presented in a Permanent Exhibition and a local Documentation Centre.
The building, with an area of approximately 400.00 m2, was built on the same site of former Warehouses and it recreates the original architectural details.

Download the flyer!


Within a few years, others parks will be created in Vila Nova de Gaia.


Parque Biológico de Gaia

4430-681 Avintes

Tel. 22 787 81 20 | geral_pbiologico@cm-gaia.pt